QP3002 Assessment Instructions


Review the details of your assessment including the rubric. You will have the ability to submit the assessment once you earn a score of 80% or better on all of the related sub-competency quizzes and engage with your Faculty Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a substantive way about the competency.


For your Written Response Assessment, you will focus on how program and accreditation standards support program quality; standards-based aspects of quality programming for all early childhood age groups; how specific standards support quality in early childhood settings; the purposes and benefits of early learning standards; ways early learning standards may be problematic; and how you, as an early childhood professional, can involve children in rich and engaging child-centered learning experiences that also meet early learning standards.

Submission Length: 7 prompts with responses ranging from 1-3 paragraphs in length

Professional Skills:   is assessed in this Competency.

For this Written Response Assessment, you will respond to a series of prompts related to the types and roles of standards that guide early childhood programs.

This Assessment requires submission of one (1) document, a completed Written Response Submission Form. Save this file as  QP3002_ firstinitial_lastname (for example, QP3002_J_Smith).

You may submit a draft of your assignment to the   area to check for authenticity. When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, use the  Assessment tab on the top navigation menu.


Access the following to complete this Assessment:

·  (with Rubric)