Quadruple Aim

Discuss how the IHI (I) Quadruple Aim for population health and social determinants of health are related using a discrete/defined population of interest to you. Write a scholarly reflection on the question. 

APA format, 4-6 pages.

Must include these elements:

1. Evidence: Selecting and using information to investigate a point of view or conclusion

Information is taken from source(s) with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are questioned thoroughly.

2. Influence of context and assumptions

Thoroughly (systematically and methodically) analyzes own and others’ assumptions and carefully evaluates the relevance of contexts when presenting a position.

3. Student’s position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis)

Specific position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis) is imaginative, taking into account the complexities of an issue. Limits of position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis) are acknowledged. Others’ points of view are synthesized within position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis).

4. Conclusions and related outcomes (implications and consequences)

Conclusions and related outcomes (consequences and implications) are logical and reflect students informed evaluation and ability to place evidence and perspectives discussed in priority order.