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1) Why is it important to train personnel in security if it is notpart of their job routine? Give examples to justify your position.


  1. What functions do these WLAN applications and tools performon WLANs:airmon- ng, airodump-ng, aircrack-ng, and aireplay-ng?
  2. Whyis it critical to use encryption technique so na wirelessLAN? Whichencryption method is best for use on a WLAN (WEP, WPA, WPA2)?
  3. Whatsecurity counter measures can you enable on your wireless access point(WAP) as part of a layered security solution for WLAN implementations?
  4. Why is it so important for organizations, including home owners, to properly secure their wireless network?
  5. What risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are prominent with WLAN infrastructures?
  6. What is the risk of logging on to access points in airport sorother public places?
  7. Why is it important to have a wireless access policy and to conduct regular site surveys and audits?
  8. What is a risk of using you rmobile cell phone or externalWLANasaWiFi connection point?

3(1)) 1. What is the first Nmap command you ran in this lab?Explain the switches used.

2. What are the open ports when scanning100.16.16.50(TargetVulnerable01) and their service names.

3. What is the Nmap command line syntax for running an MS08-067 vulnerability scan against (TargetWindows04)?

4. Explain why the MS08-067 exploitisbad.

5. What operating system did Nmap identify for the three IP addresses you scanned in the lab?


  1. Compare the has h values calculated for Example .txt that you documented during this lab. Explain in your own words why the hash values will change when the data is modified.
  2. If you were to create a new MD5 sumor SHA1 sum hash value for the modified Example.txt file, would the value be the same or different from the hash value created in Part 3 of the lab?
  3. Ifyou want secure email communications without encrypting an emailmessage, what other security countermeasure can you deploy to ensuremessage integrity?
  4. When running the GnuPG command, what does the-eswitch do? a. Extractb. Encrypt c. Export
  5. What is the difference between MD5 sumand SHA1 sum hashing calculations? Which is better and why?
  6. Name the cryptographic algorithms used in this lab.
  7. What do you need if you want to decrypten crypted messages and files froma trusted sender?
  8. When running the GnuPG command, what does the-dswitch do? a. Detachb. Destroy c. Decrypt
  9. When creatinga GnuPG encryption key, what are ways to createentropy?