1. Please list the ethical dilemmas or problems with this case.

(Boatright and Smith chapter 2, table 2.1)

2.The three main people managing Britney’s conservatorship are all making a largeamount of funds and are the ones that seem to benefit the most from this arrangement.If it was to be in Britney’s best interest to end the conservatorship the conservators andher court appointed lawyer would have the most to lose. Considering the principles ofutility please explain what approach you think these conservators followed.

(Boatright and Smith, chapter 3, section 3.1.1)3.A successful multi-millionaire, it would not appear that Britney Spears needed themoney to survive, and it does not appear that having her perform so much wouldsupport her mental health. As a conservator, what type of ethical approach shouldJamie Spears have followed teleological or deontological? Please explain.

(Boatright and Smith, chapter 3)4. Rights play a very important role in business and in society. Please identify what ifany different kinds of rights were violated in this case.

(Boatright and Smith chapter 3, figure 3.3)


Britney Spears calling 911 and speaking out during the court hearing followed what typeof decision-making process (individual, organizational, or business systems)? Pleaseexplain.

(Boatright and Smith, chapter 1)6.

What is the Bystander theory or "The Genovese Syndrome" and how does it apply tothis case?

(Comer and Vega, chapter 1)


When people succumb to situational pressures, they are likely to violate their ownpersonal moral principles. Individuals are likely to engage in cognitive dissonance ordesensitization. Please indicate which or if these actions apply to this case.

(Comer and Vega, chapter 3)


On November 12, 2021, after almost 14 years, Britney Spears' conservatorship finallycame to an end. Los Angeles County Judge, Brenda Penny, determined that the“conservatorship of the person and estate of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required”and terminated the arrangement. Britney Spears is now suing members of theconservatorship team including her father Jamie Spears.

Aristotle identified three different types of justice . Please explain what type of justicethat you think Britney should seek.

(Boatright and Smith, chapter 2, section 3.5)