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Respond to the following prompts, in approximately one paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences), by Wednesday February 22, 2023 USA PACIFIC DATE/TIME

1. Week 7 – Discussion: ASCA Real-life examples

  • Review one of the : (1) (2) (3) and share how the lesson meets induvial student needs or interests and will enhance student skills and knowledge within the areas reviewed.

2. MUST include a statement based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (Course is School counseling) 

Reading Reference: 

Kolbert, J. B., Crothers, L. M., & Hughes, T. L. (2016). Introduction to Professional School Counseling. Taylor & Francis.

American School Counseling Association. (n.d.). Lesson Plan: Career Domain

Due Wednesday, February 22, 2023, By 9:00 pm USA time/date

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***All writing must be original

****NO using writing or COPYING FROM COURSE HERO

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