"I’m Not Going to Be a Writer"

You may not be entering a field in which you are a professional communicator, but in whatever field you enter, you are a communicating professional.

What Does it Mean to Write in My Field?

To effectively enter your voice in conversation with others in your field, it is important to understand how the conversation is taking place and what the topics of discussion are. In professional writing, one of the most common ways to understand that conversation is by reviewing publicly available documents like reports and websites. Analyze these documents helps you to understand common conventions of both genre and language that are used within your field.

Is There Anything Common to All Fields?

Yes! Elements of a genre (such as reports) generally remain the same across fields, but those elements may be arranged differently. Lab reports, for example, may vary in structure and content from police reports or financial reports, but they all include areas that function in similar ways. Additionally, knowing how to write an effective email is important in all fields.

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