Individual Reflection

  • The Reflection consists of 3-5 APA format typed pages. Select and copy one question from the list of questions below and develop your response.
  • For possible full points, reference the course resources as applicable. Do not use any other set of references. The reason for this is that the resources provided in this course have been vetted and even, in some cases approved by the state of Florida, as containing content that is evidence-based and appropriate for language and literacy development. Use the following resources as references:
    • CORE book,
    • Conquering Dyslexia book,
    • resources embedded in your course modules such as article or video links,
    • relevant personal experiences (if applicable)

Guiding Questions for Reflection

Copy one of the questions listed below for the reflection. Choose 1 question and discuss your response in a comprehensive manner. This means you should develop a thorough and well-written narrative. Include definitions, details, examples, information, and any other appropriate and relevant discussion related to the topic. Cite your work and format your writing using APA guidelines.

  1. What are the foundations of reading instruction? How are these foundational components interrelated?
  2. What is the connection between oral language acquisition, oral language proficiency, and learning to read? Explain.
  3. What is dyslexia? Explain. What are appropriate strategies that support early literacy acquisition? Make sure to include how this applies to different areas of literacy.
  4. What are the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), to address all learners including those with dyslexia? How can a UDL be applied in the classroom? Describe.
  5. What are the processes, skills, and stages of word recognition and literacy development? How do these processes, skills, and stages relate to assessment and instruction? How do these processes, skills, and stages relate to ELL students and students with special needs including those with dyslexia?