Visit or watch on-line a Protestant Evangelical Service and submit the designated paper by the end of week 2. Additionally, visit/watch on-line a Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Service. Combine these Protestant and RC/EO visit into a single assignment. If you currently attend an evangelical church, attend or watch on-line a different church for this assignment.

Paper instructions for each designated religious service (use the template imbedded in each lesson activity): 

  1. Write a 3-page (or more, if needed) paper about your visit
  2. Give attention to page length and include the following sections: 
    1. First paragraph includes place and date of service.
    2. One full page: Detail the narrative of your visit. (e.g., I arrivedthen I)
    3. One half page: Detail all the aesthetics and symbols in the service
    4. One half page: Articulate the contents of the message
    5. One full page: Evaluate if the practices and teachings are consistent with Christian theology. Utilize Morgan to navigate a comparison with Christian theology, at least addressing the doctrine of God, Scripture, and Salvation.
  3. Paper must be double-spaced (or 24pts), Times New Roman font, 12 pt. font, 1 margins, and include primary headers for your structure. See and use template embedded in each lesson activity.