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GDPR provides the platform to the organizations to protect their data from any breach

and protection on regular policies. There are some key requirements which apply to

organizations as well as the public. First one is the use of record keeping which requires

controllers and processors to write the data of processing activities. After that data protection

officers which serve as a liaison with supervisory authorities. Data protection impact assessment

manages the risk of violating the rights of the public. Then there comes privacy, transparency

and cybersecurity which provides the major policies to the organization about how to operate in

general public. Lastly there are data subject access requests and third party policy which creates

the sense of informing about the consent to any of the access its keeping or passing to third

parties. As the increasing number of threats to the cyberworld and insecurity of data really

requires these laws and regulations for data protection and this legislation for protection of data

is really keeping the success ratio to this year as the cross border usage and collection of data is

at high risk and can be hard to distinguish, that’s why GDPR is creating boundaries for the data

collectors to stay in the limits and provide only restrictive data which is allowed to use. So, this

legislation process has a notable impact inside as well as outside Europe.

As we already have information about the GDPR, there is another term which we know

as ADPPA which is the American version for data protection. This however, has similar effects

and legislation but some significant changes differentiate it from GDPR. Like, different roles are

associated with different types of obligation where the covered entity is compared to the

controller in GDPR. Then there is the concept of sensitive data which also differs in concept

from GDPR which says it as special categories of personal data. This is how different points

have comparison to some GDPR policies but different in its own way. But both are really similar.

I think there should be only one legislation for data privacy and protection which can be

known as Global Protection Regulation because we know for the fact that this regulation has had

a greater influence on data privacy in the last 5 years and could really impact the whole scenario

of data collection and protection globally. GDPR and ADPPA are already similar 70-80 percent

and they can be implemented in similar fashion with minor changes to the country specific

regulation in it.


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In your responses to two or more of your peers, addresswhether you agree or disagree with your peer'sopinion and whether there should be global dataprivacy legislation.

Peer 1

Brandi White

Good afternoon,

The GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. The general requirements of the GDPR

are lawful, fair, transparent processing, limitation of purpose, data minimization, accuracy,

storage limitation, integrity, confidentiality, and accountability. The GDPR can fine a company

up to 20 million euros, and for a company such as Facebook that can equal more than a billion

dollars. This can be detrimental to small business owners because they would not be able to

afford to pay the steep fines that the GDPR would assess against them. Whereas large companies

can afford to pay heavy fines and legal fees.

The data protection legislation in the United States is not as strict as the GDPR in Europe.

In fact, law markers here in the states are hesitant to bring the GDPR to the states because the

laws of the GDPR would override the data protection laws here in the United States. Consumers

in Europe value the GDPR because it protects their privacy a lot better than just regular privacy

laws. The penalties are a lot steeper than before which heightens the companies to respect

people's privacy in Europe. Business owners however view the new law as strict. Companies that

sell clothing have a totally different perspective than one that has a social media business.

However, the respect for this law is the same.

In my opinion, there should be a one-data privacy law around the globe. However, the likelihood

of that happening is slim because of the diverse cultures around the globe. In some cultures,

women's privacy may not be as important as men's privacy or not even considered. Whereas in

other countries men's privacy would be nonexistent. It would be very difficult to create one

privacy law that fits everyone's needs.

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Peer 2

Ellie Pruitt

Good evening,

Perspectives on the GDPR differ between consumers and businesses. While companies may view

these new privacy policies and practices as a new marketing strategy by using cookies to track

consumer activity, consumers may feel otherwise (Rosner, 2020); with so many websites

implementing new privacy policies without much transparency, consumers may not feel as

though their information is safer with these new policies in place, but rather, their information is

more vulnerable (Rosner, 2020). Forbes suggests that marketers and businesses implement 3

practices to help put consumers' minds at ease: treat privacy as a brand pillar, take a multichannel

approach on privacy education, and invest in transparency (2020). By "bridging the gap"

between consumers' and businesses' viewpoint of the GDPR, everyone can feel more confident

in the policies and their true intentions. Outside of that, perspectives also vary largely by

industry. While large tech companies may have the resources to pay for any security

"oversights", a small business may find themselves struggling to keep their doors open after

being penalized for a breach of GDPR (CNBC International, 2019).

I do not think that there should be one data privacy law for the entire world. Theoretically, that

sounds very straightforward and achievable; realistically, there are several hurdles that

companies in Europe have faced that would imply that other companies, and entire countries,

may encounter (CNBC International, 2019). Per CNBC, the major hurdles that companies in

Europe have faced include resource shortages, security/data protection officers, and consumer

confusion due to the complexity of rules and regulations (2019). Since a developed country such

as Europe still has hurdles while attempting to seamlessly implement the GDPR, imagine the

challenges undeveloped countries would face.


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initial post,

Globalization has the most successful effects which resulted in many achievers to get the

results that they wanted and take their companies to new heights. The most common and most

used company these days is Ali Baba. This product is a website and it was a page when it was

started and was creating logistic handling on their local level. But slowly, their demands and

their logistics exceeded the supply chain and they had to outsource their logistics support for

their operations to local companies and use their platform to complete their operations. This

made a huge impact on their sales and they had a successful business plan for outsourcing the

operations in logistics as they approached the client for business they had to bring in shipment

companies with respective countries instead of their own. That idea is still being used in different

ecommerce as well as they are relying on different local logistic companies to do their jobs easy.

This created a huge impact on their sales and also this was done for the business and it added

value to the business where it stands now. Link for the website is given in the references as per


Ali baba has another outsourcing that they did in the making of their website on the

backend of their website. This outsourcing occurred when they went short on the development

team for their own website due to the local internet restrictions, they had to face this issue of not

getting the local party for the development. So, they hired a US based firm to complete their

backend and show their competitors what Ali Baba is made of.


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In your replies to at least two peers, discuss potential risks of outsourcingfor the examples they provided—for example, risks to supplier quality orstability, intellectual property, or reputation. The following questionsmay help develop your responses:

● Can you provide an example of an organization that startedoutsourcing the supply chain and then stopped? What risks did theorganization face that caused them to stop the project?

● Can you provide an example of an organization that outsourcedsimilarly and faced reputational damage due to the project?

Peer 1

Nolan Pegues

Good morning everyone, this week, we focus on globalization and how ithelps create any opportunity in organizations. International business helpprovides excellent profits because of the outsourcing of production. But also,outsourcing supply chain has helped new organizations focus on other thingsbesides inventory management. It can be time-consuming and costly becauseof the need for more knowledge of supply chain management (SCM). Once

understood, ways of benefiting from outsourcing, such as it allows for thefocus on different business aspects, help with customer support because ofmeet customers' demand. Apple is an excellent example of focusing onsustainability, strengthening relationships with strategic suppliers, andstreamlining inventory management by cutting down on warehousing to limitoverstocking. Tim Cook was a CPO before becoming Apple's CEO (Britt,2020).

The 12 Best Supply Chain Companies of 2020 (thomasne

Peer 2

Jamie White

Hello everyone,

I am going to go with Coca-Cola they are very well known. They

outsourced to reduce cost and improve efficiency. The benefit that occurred was

that it helped with increasing the performance of outsourcing services. Coca-Cola

operates all over the world and by doing this they can get the most out of there

product in cost and profit and this also helps with the environment being able to

access different parts of the world and what impact it has. This helps them by

leaving a smaller footprint with such a wide verity of places to do business in.

This helps the organization more then the customer due to it keeps the cost of

making the product down but it doesn’t change the cost so much

Akumu, M. W. (2020). Business process outsourcing as a strategic decision and

performance of Coca Cola Kenya Limited. University of Nairobi Research

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initial post,

I have made so many mistakes in the past and have learned to be a better person from

those wrong decisions. We need to first decide about the level of responsibility on our shoulders.

Then we need to have a clear idea about the level of authority we have. Then we can make a

decision and after we decide we need to perform accordingly. There are some contexts to what I

have done in the past. I had a tour planned 3 years ago where I was in charge of the tour and I

had to make all the critical decisions about the tour. We were a group of friends where we had to

choose the point to visit and I was the one with the most knowledge about hiking and tours in

that region. So, I took the lead and we went to the first destination and I took those friends from

one point to another point for 28 hours of continuous traveling where we had to reach was still

3-4 hours away from the destination we reached. But we found a hotel which wasn’t good

enough, so we spent the night and went for the final destination the next day. After that we had a

2 days stay in that area and I took care of the rest.

I was deciding the distance and speed and travel time cost with the expense of one extra

stay if we went before the scheduled destination which was an analytical decision making style.

This decision took proper thinking and discussion with other friends as well but the decision was

mine at the end to reach the destination in one day no matter what. I was curious because of the

limited budget to manage and I was anxious to perform well in that tour in front of my friends.

So, this led to some mistakes in that process and my friends had to bear the burden for that

mistake of mine.

Due to that continuous traveling, many of the friends fell sick and some had travel

sickness so they couldn’t enjoy the tour to their fullest and all the planned tours started to fall

apart due to the sickness of 4 friends out of 16. This happened because they couldn’t take proper

rest in between the travel and their body was exhausted and they couldn’t stick with us through

the tour. They stayed in the hotel for about 2 days and that ruined the tour spirit. That was

mismanagement and to a major extent I would say it was a bad decision.


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In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:

● What kind of plan would you suggest your peer put in place to prevent bad decisions inthe future? Share the reasons for your suggestions.

Peer 1

James Mezzenga

Hey Class,

Well, i can say I've made some mistakes relationship-wise. Slightly embarrassed tosay… My ex-girlfriend and I had been dating for a year, both have children fromprevious marriages. After about a year, we decided to sell both our homes andmove in together. After about 5 months, things weren't working out with the kids,and our communication declined and ultimately broke things off, causing myselfand my three boys to have to find a new place to rent, now paying almost twicethat of my mortgage. The decision style we used was the consensus style. Weboth talked about the benefits and risks and weighed everything out rationallyultimately helping us make our decision. Things had been a little rocky in ourrelationship and we thought it would help if we moved in together for us and thekids. Unfortunately, we were only going off of the information that we had at thetime and it didn't work out.

Next time, I will take more time to make sure that our relationship is rock solid andthat a larger commitment is made before putting my family through thatagain, such as engagement or marriage. Had I taken the emotion out of it andlooked at our relationship more rationally, looking back it was not the right

decision. Making the decision based on emotion and not logic, was ourdownfall. I've learned alot from that experience and moving forward willmake sure that emotion is removed and the decision in made more rationally.

Peer 2

Tracy Schaeffer

Hello all,

I started as an operations supervisor as a 24-year-old in a bigger medicalmanufacturing company. When I met the team, I thought it was going to beimportant for my team to “like” me. I thought it was going to be important to gaintheir trust first and then focus on opportunities for improvement. Looking back atit now, I should have focused on the improvement areas first. Before I started theteam was behind our build plan, we didn’t have any safety stock build, and theone-piece flow was non-existent. I had to come up with a way to work with theproduction team to get caught up for my first project. After learning the processand being “fully trained” I held a lunch meeting with the team and had decided Iwould use a democratic style way of inquiring different options on how we cancatch up, as I didn't really care how we caught up. I didn't have a preference, so Iwanted to ensure the team got to choose what worked best for them instead ofbeing delegated to. The choices were between overtime on the weekends, overtimeby working a longer day, or adding additional scheduling on the weekends,meaning we would run Sunday-Sunday with the same number of employees, butkeep the machines running over the weekend. I had the three choices out there andhad asked for the majority vote. It was not successful. By that time, I had gainedthe trust of my employees, but they were not happy that we had to “change the waythings always ran.”. In the end, I ended up choosing the path forward, since myteam couldn’t. I added flexible scheduling meaning I either hired people for theweekend, or those who were working Mon-Friday had an option to work extrahours, change their schedule, and work overtime on the weekends. In addition, tohelp production catch up I worked on a one-piece flow assembly process and a setschedule to have us be caught up by Q3.