Research Plan: Dissertation Trustworthiness

The Trustworthiness section is a documentation of your studys quality assurance using rote language appropriate for most qualitative studies.

  1. Using the Qualitative Dissertation Template as a guide, compose the Trustworthiness section of your studys Chapter 3. Note there is also an expanded example of a Trustworthiness section in Appendix B of the template.
  1. Only discuss the aspects of each of the five subsections in the trustworthiness section (Credibility, Transferability, Dependability, Confirmability, and Ethical Considerations) that you will utilize during your study.
  1. In addition to composing the Trustworthiness section, please provide the problem statement, purpose statement, research gap (at least one current source stating the need for your study), and research questions as a supplement to the section. You can provide this information in bullet or narrative form immediately preceding the chapter submission.

Compose your Trustworthiness section with clarity and precision. Include a title page and references page. Current APA formatting is expected throughout the assignment.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Important Notes:

Research Topic:

Qualitative Research Design:

Impact of Under-representation of African American Male Administrators on Retention of African American Male Educato

Central Research Question:

To what extent does the under-representation of African American male administrators in K-12 leadership impact the retention of African American male educators?

Sub Questions:

  • How does the lack of African American male leaders in K-12 schools affect African American male educators’ job satisfaction and willingness to stay?
  • What challenges and supports do African American male educators encounter in K-12 schools, influenced by the presence (or absence) of African American male leaders in leadership roles?


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