I agree with the statement above. I agree because students have different preferences, and it’s the teacher’s responsibility to get to know their students and what those preferences are. There are some students who may comprehend what they’ve read instantly, and there are some students who may have to take multiple notes to comprehend what they’ve read. This is why it is important for the teacher to have knowledge of different methods that can best accommodate their classroom. I believe that incorporating groups in a lesson may help create an appropriate balance of methods for all of the students present. Providing students with different learning methods is very beneficial, since it allows them to view the lesson from different perspectives. 


I agree with the statement. It is the teacher's resposibility to learn their children, so that the teacher will know what kind of instuction to give to the child. We already know that children can be in one grade but learn on different levels. This could require the teacher serving different metods of teaching reading. Some children even require needing a resource teacher for that extra help with reading. That in itself is another method of teaching reading, but through someone that specialized in reading. That goes back to the beginning of my post. The teacher would be the one to notice whether a child needs that extra attention in reading.