100 word response 1 reference due 1/13/2023


In order for anyone to appreciate diversity of the human race, we must understand everyone's race, culture, and ethnicity. This is needed to treat everyone effectively. If the police can enhance their cultural competence, then they can address policing problems within the community. This helps to promote awareness between people from different cultural backgrounds. Diversity a lot of weight in any industry not just that of the criminal justice system. It's just that when it comes to law enforcement it may become confusing to many, not to mention how the headlines and media speak on the relationship with police and politics. In law enforcement you may be partnered with someone with a different background from yours. This person may be the difference between life and death, solving a crime or not solving the crime.

“People from different cultures and backgrounds have different demeanors and ways of carrying themselves,” says Major Albert Guerra of the Miami Police Department

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. “Diversity in the Force ensures that we are prepared for these cultural differences and help us avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.” (Flavin, 2018)

Spending your life with only one culture makes it hard for you to recognize the different ways other people communicate and think. If you travel to a foreign country, you will realize this. A diverse police unit can help make everyday police work very comfortable. Police departments require diversity training on many levels. If and when the police are trusted by the community, the job works like it should. Trust can be a very hard thing to earn in law enforcement. Everyone has different backgrounds and must learn the behavior of not only those that commit crimes, but those that they work with as well. We cannot be all things to all people. What we can do is have a representation of all people, this way serves and gain information to complete the mission. The mission of safety to the public and yourself as law enforcement.

By understanding the various cultures police agencies can be more effective. There is a history of differences in treatment of those who are from a minority race and culture. The treatment influences people view of and their perceptions of what is just and fair. This is why it is hard for the minority to put all their trust in the police. It makes you wonder of community policing is being applied appropriately. From what we see today, it is being applied differently in minority communities. Look at all the senseless killing amongst black and brown citizens. Community policing should bring the police together with the community in order to reduce crimes. Community policing strategies, increasing trust, and reducing crimes are essential. Cultural competence, fair and equitable policing working together can help the police become more effective especially in the eyes of the community they serve.