100 word response due 2/2/2023


As schools become increasingly diverse in student demographics and learning needs, it is vital that the preparation that is provided to future educators is responsive to the social changes. The article indicates the need for culturally responsive teacher preparation. According to King and Butler (2015), “Creating multicultural curricula undoubtedly requires a great deal of work for teachers, including reevaluating their own beliefs toward diverse populations and a re-examining of multiple histories” (p. 47). This concept strongly resonates with my personal philosophy of education which views learning as a process of never ending reciprocity. In order for teachers to enter the profession prepared for the diversity that they will encounter, a mindset shift in beliefs must supersede. Having the mental preparation to tackle the changes will allow educators to be open-minded to diverse needs.

My current organization is meeting the needs of a diverse population through adjusting the curriculum to fit students’ performance levels. Because it is an after school care facility, teachers have more leniency than if they were the traditional classroom teachers of the students. Thus, based on our observations and regular STAR testing of students, we are able to adjust our reading program curriculum by adding visuals for students who learn best through visualizing information, by adjusting timing marks for students that need extended time, and by pairing the reading curriculum with other subjects that appeal to our students’ various interests.