100 word response 1 reference Due 1/19/2023


I think all teachers should be involved in curriculum evaluation. According to Ornstein and Hunkins (2017), "In curriculum evaluation, attention focuses on both teachers' and students' actions that result in students' learning specific contents and skills" (p. 268). A school should consult with special area teachers they have information to offer too. For instance, Smith said, "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence. Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork" (2009).

As a result, schools miss growth opportunities in curriculum planning. However, because textbook adoption is a part of curriculum evaluation, the subject area teachers should only be involved in that part of curriculum evaluation. Textbooks are materials and resources used for teachers to teach the curriculum's standard and objectives.

I think it is fine for students to do something incorrectly. That is a part of the learning process, both with subject areas teachers (science, math, english, etc..) and special areas teachers (art, music, PE, speech, etc..). Thus, special area teachers should be involved in curriculum evaluation. Creating a classroom setting that immerses students in engaging conversation topics, can promote a sense of belonging in these special area classrooms while building language and communication skills to succeed. In order words, language, writing, and communication standards and learning objectives are essential ingredients that special area teachers have to implement into their lesson plans, as a part of their curriculum.