Misophonia, Maladaptive Schemas and Personality Disorders: A Report of Three Cases


Participants were 2 women (age 25 and 41) and 1 man (age 46) all Caucasian.

Roberto, 46 years old, is a manager who is in a stable romantic relationship. Elena is 41 years old and a professor who is married with two children. Giorgia is a 25 years old university student with no relationship status, however she has a good relationship with her mother and turbulent relationship with her dad (Natalini et al, 2019). The recruitment and enrollment process for participants was very limited, for this study to be considered effective I believe it needed to be on a large scale. According to Tappen (2022) there are many factors that may have contributed to the very small number recruited in this study one could be failure to do a needs-based assessment before doing the study. Researchers who believe deeply in the importance and value of their study are likely to be more successful recruiting participants.

Data Collection/Generation Methods

Questionnaires were the method of choice for data collection. Participants also had structured interviews (Natalini et al, 2019).


The limitations in this study were that it was a very small sample size with only one race, it was not equal in that their where two women and one man. The study also did not address history of trauma, disturbed attachment, and emotional dysregulation (Natalini et al, 2019). Limitations like these in studies can negatively affect the study and limit to whom these findings are applicable. Limitations and the need for further development of existing concepts, theories, and frameworks are often indicated in the reviews of theory underpinning research studies (Tappen, 2022).


Natalini, E., Dimaggio, G., Varakliotis, T., Fioretti, A., & Eibenstein, A. (2019, August 8). Misophonia, maladaptive schemas and personality disorders: A report of three cases. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 50(1), 29-35.

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