100 word response 1 reference due 1/13/2023


Teachers play a vital role in the curriculum development process since they are the ones who offer the curriculum to the students and who use evaluations and assessments to determine the program's efficacy and reliability. Teachers and states administer exams to pupils to gauge how well they are learning and retaining material (Schneiderhan, Guetterman, & Dobson, 2019). Adjustments are then performed after this procedure based on the gathered information. The process of curriculum preparation for educators, however, starts long before standardized testing and other forms of evaluation are even considered. In order to begin teaching, one must first prepare lessons. Teachers are tasked with taking the curriculum and tailoring it to their pupils' specific grade level, subject area, and learning styles (Handelzalts, 2019). They need to ensure that their information is well-supported before delivering it to pupils. The ability to tailor lessons to each class allows educators more leeway in how they present material. It allows them to tailor their lessons to their pupils' individual learning styles and preferences. With this freedom, teachers can better tailor their lessons to their pupils' individual needs.