Tom and Jenny graduated college and got married. Both are in their 20s.

Tom works for Accenture and earns $50,000 per year.

Jenny works for Prudential and earns $40,000 per year.


Tom contributes 5% to his 401(k) Accenture matches up to 5%

Jenny contributes 5% to her 401(k). Prudential matches up to 2.5 %


Tom and Jenny both contribute the maximum to a Roth IRA


1) Annually, how much do Tom and Jenny contribute to their 401(k)’s?

· Tom –

· Jenny –

· Together –

2) Annually, how much did their employers contribute to the 401(K)’s?

· Tom –

· Jenny –

· Together –

3) If Tom and Jenny contribute the maximum to their Roth IRA, what was the total contribution?

4) What was the total contribution collected from Tom, Jenny, and their employers?