minimum of 175 words.


As a project manager, you need to anticipate and plan to mitigate risk as you proceed through the project management process.

Discuss the following with the class:

  • Why is a risk      management plan in health IT an important part of project management?      Provide examples.

DISCUSSION 2: minimum of 175 words.

A big part of creating a project plan and managing a project is collaborating with your team and with internal and external customers who will interact with the project.

In your collaborative group, discuss the following as you prepare for this weeks summative assessment:

  • Which departments are needed for      your project?
  • Who are your internal and      external customers?
  • What are some tips to      successfully communicate with these collaborators?


As a project manager intern, you will be responsible for developing project delivery and implementation plans. Now that you have received the approval from the leadership team and answered their questions, you are coordinating the implementation of the plan.


The leadership team has approved your project charter, and your CIO thanks you for developing an excellent product. 

She informs you that the steering committee has asked that you prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project. She reminds you of the importance of considering the feedback she provided to you on the project charter in preparing your WBS.


Research work breakdown structure templates to inspire your own.

Assessment Deliverable

Create a work breakdown structure using Microsoft Excel that includes tasks for planning for the installation, gathering the user requirements, installing the kiosk, configuring the kiosk, testing the kiosk, training users on the kiosk, going live, and transitioning support for the kiosk to the help desk.

For your WBS you must:

  • Describe at least eight major      phases with at least three tasks under each phase.
  • Identify all the work tasks      needed to complete the project.
  • Identify all the collaborators      needed (e.g., departments, roles, etc.).
  • Provide an estimated duration of      each task.
  • Identify all major milestones,      such as completing each major phase.

Write a 175- to 250-word email to the steering committee in which you:

  • Describe how preparing the work      breakdown structure helps the process of project delivery and      implementation.
  • Explain how you plan to      coordinate the tasks and people involved to accomplish this project.