Read/Watch a current event on  Rocks only. What are rocks? What are the different types? Give examples.  How are they further subdivided into different types? Give examples. Post images of different types. 

 A good, solid 25 knowledgeable sentences are required to make a full grade. Hit  reply and type or copy and paste in the box provided when you are ready to submit the DB. Do not attach files since I don't download foreign files on my computer. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero.

Follow the deadline posted in the syllabus to post your article. If your article is not posted by the given deadline you will receive a grade of zero regardless.

  References are required.  If I cannot locate your reference, I will take away 2 points regardless.

The article needs to be current (not older than a few weeks) and should be related to the topics dictated above strictly.