Rough Draft and Peer Review

  Link for how to do peer review:

Peer Review:

To earn credit for your peer reviews, you must do several things on each assigned draft:

  1. Read your classmate’s work and mark the using the editing tools where appropriate.
  2. Provide at least two in-line comments per page (these comments should be short, but they should demonstrate that you’re reading and responding to your peer’s work)
  3. Provide a long sidebar comment in which you discuss:
    • Three areas of strength in your peer’s draft. Give them suggestions on how to build on these strengths.
    • Three areas where the draft needs a bit more work. Make suggestions about how your peer could improve the draft.
  4. Choose a main point in your peer’s es.say and argue against them. Present an opposing viewpoint for your peer to consider. As we complete our final draft, these opposing view points will become very important.

Some things you’ll want to think about as you read your peer’s draft would be:

  • Does the draft address the prompt
  • Does the es.say have a strong thesis statement
  • Do body paragraphs contain clear and concise topic sentences
  • Does the author help you transition between ideas and between paragraphs
  • Is there enough evidence/quotes to prove the author’s point
  • Are there better quotes that could be used (where? how?)
  • Remember, these are shitty first drafts. Be kind. Don’t worry about grammar and punctuation. Worry about the big stuff.