Below is an example of possible safety needs.

Example of Safety Needs

· The need to trust my caregiver and the place where I give birth.

· The need for my caregiver to honor my personal choices.

· The need for my caregiver to respect my culture, religion, lifestyle, sexual orientation, and life circumstances.

· The need for my caregiver to be comfortable with just chilling for awhile.

· The need for my caregiver to be capable of providing emergency care.

· The need to have people around who are known and trusted.

· The need for my partner/family/close friend/children to be present.

· The need to be able to eat, drink, sit, stand, cry, push when I want wherever I want.

· The need to have people present who believe in me

· The need for silence and space to think

· The need to have my door closed and no visitors without my permission

· The need to have a judgement-free zone

· The need to know that there is quick access to technology if needed, but it’s hidden if I don’t.

Make a list of things that you would need to feel safe in the birthing room if you were in labor. Find two other people and ask them to make list of the same things.