Doe 2

Jane Doe

Instructor’s Name


18 Aug. 2021

Terrible Dining Experience

My dinner experience at Jillian’s Home Cooking was the worst customer service experience ever due to the servers, the atmosphere, and the cleanliness. First, our server was not friendly or helpful. She didn’t introduce herself, took ten minutes to bring drinks, and brough us the wrong order. When we told her that our order was not right, she said, “Oh well,” and kept walking. Then, we noticed that the atmosphere was not appropriate. The music was too loud, and we could not hear each other talk. The restaurant also had TVs throughout the store with different channels that were blaring sound. The worst part about our experience was the lack of sanitation. Even though the employees were wearing masks, the masks looked filthy, and we saw a bug in the corner of the restaurant. Our experience was terrible at Jillian’s Home Cooking because of the poor service, the environment, and the lack of sanitation.