As the  IT Manager, you were tasked to improve the performance of the local airport passenger processing system.  The new airport will have fewer employees and a faster passenger processing system. This is to make the Airport more efficient and more secure. The new system will replace the boarding pass and ID Control personnel with an IT System, which will use cloud-based services. 

Assume you already have fast and reliable network connections. Expectations from new IT system. 

  •  There will be Cloud-based Virtual Meetings within all departments 
  • Cloud-Based Storage for  more than a week old Passenger data 
  • Cloud-Based Storage  of more than week-old Flight data 

Answer the airport owners questions about the new IT system:

Question 1 What are the advantages of Cloud-based Virtual Meetings (cloud-based conferencing) for the given Airport case?

Question 2 What are the advantages of Cloud-Based Storage for all data collected at the airport?

Question 3 What are the disadvantages of Cloud-Based Storage for the given Airport case?