Securing Grants

Grant funding opportunities are plentiful, but the eligibility requirements for each grant must be understood and followed explicitly. Additionally, grant proposals usually contain a letter of inquiry accompanied by a detailed proposal submitted to the potential funding organization.

For this assignment, you will identify a public health education need in your community and research which grants would be appropriate to apply for funding. You may address the same need as in your Module 4 assignment or select a different one. You will determine eligibility requirements for the grant, compose a 1-page grant letter of inquiry, and develop a detailed outline of the elements required for a full grant proposal.

Step 1. Identify
Identify a public health education need in your community.

Step 2. Research
Research any public or private grants available to fund a specific public health education program addressing the need you identified in Step 1. Narrow your search to the most promising two or three grants.

Step 3. Determine
Determine the eligibility requirements for the researched grants and select the most appropriate grant to apply for funding.

Step 4. Investigate
Investigate the proper formatting for a grant letter of inquiry and the commonly required grant proposal elements.

Step 5. Compose
Compose a 1-page grant letter of inquiry to submit to the grant decision-makers to consider the proposed grant.

Step 6. Develop
Working from the information you found in Steps 1-4, develop a substantial outline as a scaffold for a detailed grant proposal for funding consideration.

Step 7. Submit
Submit your APA-formatted document to include a title page, 1-page grant letter of inquiry, detailed outline for the grant proposal, and reference page.