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Mon 2/6/2023 5:56 AM

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Good morning, Dr Nolen, Classmates.

Welcome to Our Last Discussion Board, hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead. Look forward to reading everyone's last DB post.

Over the course of this class, I have learned and developed a different point of view, in managing. Should I say, how it is being a manger, I have been a manger, in many different areas, but I learned that it takes a person with great skill to be a company manager, where being a local diner or hotel manager, is two different things. The responsibility alone is much more to carry, in the industry for one thing, since we've went global; it is a whole different game.

Through: research, writing, listening, and reading the opinion of others this course, I learned that my closest neighbor via computer could give me the greatest of advice. All I had to do was chose how to read the information and use it to help me in my program or help someone else with theirs. Which sometimes, is helping to solve your own problem, and you just do not know it till your done writing. 

The knowledge I learned from the intellipath lessons (1-4) were impressive. At first, all the reading was frustrating for me, but later I was thankful. Respectful, I learned so much about management that will change how I think about other things in my life and how I will approach them. The lessons were like a life foundation for me, because they all were not about a career in management. They taught about other avenues of life, that will help in other areas of career advancement.

Customer relations will play a key in getting anywhere with the agenda that I have. Working with government officials and non-for-profit organizations, everything will take time and conversation, with a lot of effort on everyone's part.

It will come down to how government distributes land grants, how close in proximity they will allow homeless projects to happen and other laws being in effect.

Advertising this program and how much this service is needed here in Larimer County will be a prime objective. Spreading the word, getting more of the community and more non-for-profits involved will help our cause. If, the community see's that there is an open-door, come see what we are doing policy. Then they will be more willing to think about the project. Maybe, even volunteering, just to be there and see how the program is working. This also builds communication with everyone and helps with customer relation management, building a loyalty all its own.

There is such a large homeless youth population and youth incarceration problem, Larimer County has no alternative sentencing program, however it is on the city council agenda to-do list; just like homeless shelter for adults now three years in a row at the bottom after trash pick-up service.

Because adults cannot communicate after two years of covid and fires; it seems only right that youth from the nearby colleges be the ones to mentor, train, work with and help integrate these youth back into the community. Because the youth did not stop living the last two years, they kept talking with their friends, they kept loving their family and friends and nature; when adults got caught up in political warfare, youth kept on believing in a tomorrow. So, it should be youth helping youth re-integrating back into society.

My strategic market plan is wrapped around and within my mission statement. 

Guardians of the past, protecting and defending the youth. Mentors and shielding them from danger but providing defense should they get out of hand.

Computers for school, job-skill training, doing our books, and keeping up with government business; very important. Work-shop class, training to help with all the equipment in forestry service, art, and anger management classes (physical fitness), medical services, mental health services, and the kitchen will all need some form of technology. All requiring, management training at different levels. 

Which is good for the program, after the first group, who does the best job, becomes trustees; working up in position on the grounds.

By working with the non-profits, community, family members even, keeping an open-book, open-door policy, where people can come see what we are all about, what we are trying to accomplish for the community and the youth, then I think the program will speak for itself; the youth will tell their own story and write their own pages in destiny.

Best wishes to all.

From Colorado

Shelly Holmes