For this Focused Note Assignment

you will select a patient with gynecologic conditions from your clinical experience and construct a patient history, assess, and diagnose the patient’s health condition(s), and justify the best treatment option(s) for the patient.

Basic patient information

40 y/o G2T2P0A0 present at the office, reporting vaginal itchiness and white vaginal discharge since a week ago. Pt expressed desire to get tested for STDs

PE: + White, stick discharge with external vaginal redness.


NuSwab collected.

STDs testing ordered

Diflucan 150mg 1 tab PO

A healthy diet low in sugars is encouraged.

Increase daily exercise.

Increase hydration

S/sex precautions reviewed.

RTO 2 weeks for results

No personal or family history of diabetes mellitus.

No stress

Not hx. of antibiotic use in las month.

Sexual partner stable for las 10 years.

Weigh 160 poundsheight 5’2”

The SOAP note must be completed. Using the attached template

Candidiasis as main diagnostic, include C. Albicans as first possible pathogen. It is more frequent, but differential must be done with other candida species and another STDs.

Please Explaining NuSwab test wisely. Include other like wet mountain, and KOH as differential diagnostic lab.

Treatment explanation should be based on ACOG guidelines.

On the management plant include.

Therapeutic interventions:

Diflucan 150mg 1 tab PO

Include probiotics use and doses.

Patient Education, Consultations and Referral, Health Promotions, Disease, Prevention, Disposition F/U, and a final Reflection about the lesson learned from the case.