Soc 120.


1.See Sociological Topics List in Module 1 in Canvas for examples of

some suggested or possible topics.

2.Select a general topic or category and then select something more specific which will enable you to find articles. Examples: Family=general topic / subtopic==divorce ordomestic violence=specific; Crime=generaltopic / subtopic==cybercrime or mass shootings=specific

3.Each student writes a paper which will beapproximately 4 numbered pages; page 1 starts with the Current Event Report not the title page or works cited page, do not number the title page, typed, 12 font, double space, MLA format, 4 articles from reliable, well-knownsources. Examples: Time or Newsweek magazines, Los Angeles or NY Times, American Sociological or Psychological Journals from 2020-2024.

4.Paper has a title page with identifyinginformation regarding the class section number #7026 the students name, general topic and specific subtopic chosen should be listed.

5.Paper includes an introduction, summary, conclusion and a critique. The introduction should introduce the topic, why you selected it and name sources with the authors emphasis. Summarize the entire contents of the sources. The conclusion is about the students analysisand pro or con position of the issue/topic. The critique is the student criticizing the sources.

6.Works Cited Page required with links toarticles posted from sources. Make sure the links will open.