SOCI 20213: Introductory Sociology

This exam is entirely composed of short answer questions. Write a 2-4 sentence response in your own words ( no quotes from class or readings ) for each question.

(10 questions/10 points each)

1. What is institutional sexism? Provide an example.

2. According to Michelle Alexander, how is mass incarceration creating “a racial caste system”?

3. Based on the New York Times podcast about the pandemic economy, in what ways has COVID-19 disproportionately affected certain people economically as a result of gender, race and ethnicity, and/or social class?

4. What is a microaggression? Provide an example.

5. According to Bourdieu, what are four types of capital that are important to fully understand social class? Name, define, and provide an example each one.

6. Reflect on Schilt’s study of gender in the workplace. What is Schilt’s key argument about masculinity in the workplace? What population does she study gender in the workplace and why?

7. What are resumé studies? Describe how resumé studies are designed and their consistent findings.

8. What is the difference between absolute poverty and relative poverty? Give an example of each.

9. What is a gender pay gap? What are 2-3 key reasons that a gender pay gap exists in society?

10. What is the meaning of a “civilizing mission” and what relevance does it have for our study of race?