social problems

In this milestone you will select a social problem for your final project. Outline a social problem in the United States you may want to refer to your journal entry, What is the Biggest Social Problem in the U.S.? or you may select another. Refer to your instructors feedback on that assignment whether you choose the same topic or not, as it will help you to define your social problem. 

Outline the social problem you will be analyzing in your final project. What is the problem? Why did you select it? Why do you think it is important? 

  • Describe why the topic is a social problem. In your response include the following: 
  • Who does this problem affect (e.g., a specific culture or other group of people)? 
  • Approximately how many people does it affect? Include your source that provides an estimate. Explain the methods your source used to make that estimate.  

Explain the consequences the social problem has for society. In your response include the following:

  • What are the consequences of this problem? Find an additional source besides the one that you used for your estimate of how many people your social problem affects that provides an explanation of the consequences. 
  • If the social problem is widely recognized, explain why this is the case. If it is not widely recognized, make a case for why it should be more widely recognized.