Social Science Homework

You must prepare a comprehensive threat assessment and briefing related to either a 1) cybercrime threat (such as ransomware, malicious application) or a group. The project
will be a comprehensive scientific and analytic analysis of an issue that will be appropriate for presentation in a law enforcement setting or cybersecurity corporate report. Formulate a problem statement identifying a particular threat or
issue relevant to law enforcement and cybersecurity practice. You will be expected to collect, query, manage, and analyze data associated with that issue, appraise the
quality of the information available on this chosen topic, and assess the usability of the information produced. The assignment should have a title page with your name, the date, and the assignment title, and all content should be double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins on all sides and page numbers, preferably in the bottom right corner of each page. The length should be 8-10 pages long.