Social work Roles

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In the Interactive Learning Module, you meet the Campbell family: Karen (mom), Joe (dad), Jacob (son), and Kali (daughter).

For this question, consider the Campbell family as presented in the Campbell Family Case Study. They have come into your community mental health office where you have been assigned to assist this family. The family presents as very upset that Jacob may have to go to jail for stealing the neighbors vehicle. The family feels that it would be detrimental to his mental health and that it is “unfair” that he may be charged with a felony. The family feels that they are being targeted because they are poor.

Complete the following:

  1. Use the PCS analysis framework and identify areas that impact the Campbell family. 
    • Choose one family member to identify beliefs, attitudes and areas of prejudice they may be experiencing.
    • Discuss the cultural level of stereotypes and assumptions that are intergenerational that impact the family.
    • Evaluate the societal level that is impacting this family (race, class, gender, language groups, religion, sexuality, etc.). At this time, use your assessment skills to determine which areas are the most impactful to them individually and as a family.
  2. Critically reflect and identify which theories you would use to intervene with the above identified issues. You must use at least two theories to assess the family issues.