Come up with one single solid strategy, describing it in detail why it would work to meet the goal of Faculty Development of a college Or help better their job for the staffs and college itself. Be creative, specific, and descriptive.  You can focus on strategies from any of the areas of the marketing mix (product, price, place (distribution), and promotion.

A single, specific strategy should cover these areas:

  • The target market you are addressing
  • What needs to be done
  • When it needs to be done, a complete timeline
    • You may wish to include a calendar and/or Gantt chart
  • How much it will cost
    • Cite your sources!
    • Consider the potential for the cost of people’s time as well
    • Tell me why this would work from a marketing perspective
  • A way to evaluate success or failure.  Tell me how we would know if the strategy was successful
  • Use of appropriate marketing terminology
  • Include visual aids/images if applicable.

If you were to suggest a new website design, then at the very least describe in detail every aspect of what it should have and what it should look like.  At the least show examples of other websites that meet those criteria.  You could even “mock” one up in PowerPoint or something.


If you are going to suggest a social media strategy, be very detailed.  You will almost certainly need to come up with elements of a good social media strategy.

If you are going to use images, video, etc. You may wish to use “royalty free” images, So, for example, you could go to Shutterstock and find pictures that work, and copy and paste them in. The watermark on the image is fine for this assignment. 


 If it’s a PowerPoint-(4-slides only). OR

If it’s a word, then pictures to describe- (3 pages only)