The greatest leader who I worked for was Dr. Ha at the Samsung Medical Center in Korea, from 1993 to 1999. Dr. Ha was the general director for the Samsung Medical Center. I was the manager in the Less Invasive Surgery Center and the Operating Room. Dr. Ha motivated me because he was an easy person to approach. He gave me chances to talk to him freely. I could meet him often, whenever I had questions. He encouraged me to feel comfortable to be honest with him. I could tell him positive and negative opinions about work. He trusted me and gave me the authority to manage my department. Dr. Ha encouraged us to work as a team. He kept up morale with his great sense of humor. He would put chopsticks in his hair and dance to make us laugh. He was generous and bought dinner for the team every month. He died 10 years ago, and I miss him so much.

Samsung Medical Center was structured to promote and encourage positive leadership. They chose an employee of the month. They announced the winner at the monthly hospital meeting in the auditorium and presented them with a certificate and a trophy. They showed the live presentation on the intranet TV in every department. Being an employee of the month would be considered in future promotions. The hospital had a suggestion box for employees to put in ideas for improved patient care. If their idea was selected, then the idea could become hospital policy.  

This leadership style would work in other work situations. It promoted teamwork. It recognized and awarded success. Success was rewarded by promotions. Employees felt respected, trusted and listened to which kept morale high. It was a fun place to work because of the humor and teamwork from the leadership which kept morale high and helped with employee retention. Everyone wanted to work at Samsung Medical Center.