System Integration Planning Case

Application of PERT/CPM

Two international banks are integrating two financial processing software systems as a

result of their merger. Preliminary analysis and interviews with all parties involved resulted

in the following project information. The “systems integration team” for this project plans

to define and manage this project. The following activities represent a high-level view, and

within each activity is a more detailed view with subtasks. All times are in weeks.

Activity Name Immediate Time (Weeks)


A Procedures Inventory — 3

B Combine Inventory A 1

C Data Elements A 2

D Combine Data B, C 3

E Combine Databases C 5

F Final Platform C 3

G Testing E 7

H Debugging E, F 5

I User Training D, G, H 8

As a member of the systems integration team, you have planning

responsibilities. You have been tasked to develop a detailed project plan, to

identify alternative project completion dates, and to recommend an optimal project

deadline to top management.

You should do a Gantt Chart that will keep management temporarily

content, while you prepare your PERT/CPM analysis. You need an Activities

Listing Table, a Critical Activites Analysis Table, and a PERT/CPM

Network Diagram that displays the critical path. Of course, you will prepare a

report for management with the Background of this systems project, the project

deadline Issue to be resolved, the three project deadline Alternatives, an

Analysis of the three Alternatives, and your Recommendation.

Attached to your report should be a Gantt Chart, Activities Listing

Table, a Critical Activities Analysis Table, and a PERT/CPM

Network Diagram – 4 Attachments.