Tableau data visualizations

Use the file attached 

  1. Visualization Plan. Please include the following 
    • You will make at least six charts, including at least one geographic map, at least one bar, at least one table, and at least one line chart. Describe how your data set(s) will provide enough variables to create the required charts. (2pts)
    • Propose at least four chart types listing the variables that you want to use for each chart.  Please make it easy for the reader to understand the variables that you are using.  Tell the reader which dataset each variable comes from, the units (or categories) of the variable, and any other additional information. (3pts)
    • At least two draft charts in Tableau. Similar to the finding topics assignment, the purpose is to make sure your datasets will work in Tableau and begin making charts. If appropriate, you are welcome to use the draft chart that you made in Part I. Please paste these graphs into your document. (3pts)
    • Comment on how your proposed and draft charts will address your goals and objectives. (2pts)