technology platform 4th grade math texas

Choose a technology platform that allows you to post original activities and assignments.  If you are already employed as a teacher, you may post this on an existing district site IF you are planning to use the materials in your class. Do not post anything on your district page that you will not actually use, as this will be confusing to your students and their parents. 

Create a welcome message and at least two original assignments on the page you create. To be considered for full credit, you need to post directions for a group project.

Examples of acceptable platforms are Google Classroom, Padlet, Class blog, Class website, as well as other platforms that are similar to these. Nearpod is not acceptable for this assignment. If you decide to use your current Google Classroom or similar virtual classroom (Schoology), please include screenshots of the assignments you have posted. These should be screenshots of the assignment explanation and not just the title of the post.

Include a reflection in your assignment submission that discusses how you plan to use your chosen technology platform throughout the school year to –

*Promote cross-curricular learning

*Promote student collaboration (If you teach grades PreK-2nd grade you can reflect on how the chosen platform will help you connect with parents)

*Copy/paste the state standards that each posted assignment/activity targets at the top of your reflection

Make sure to review the rubric for this assignment.

Provide the URL AND provide screenshots that include your name and the learning activities you have created for this assignment. You must provide the URL and screenshots (pictures) of your work in case the instructor is unable to access the page you created. To embed images in your assignment: