Every great teacher has a ,”Bag of Tricks” which can be referenced at a  moments notice. You need to plan rich and varied learning experiences  which invite exploration, Your assignment is to begin gathering for your, “Bag of Tricks”Get a three-ring binder in which you  may build your resource file. Using Caring For the School-Age Child,  pages 353 – 368, choose 4 lesson plans, one from each discipline (Art,  Music, Math, Science). Look for lessons that have rich, exploratory and  experimenting experiences. Scan or copy the plans that you select.

Art-ART LESSON PLANS Newspaper Sculptures-Brief description: Children will make free-form sculptures that can be dried and painted.
Music-Who Stole the Cookie Jar Chant-Brief description: Children will work together to clap in rhythm and accompany clapping with a chant
Math-Bubble Math-Brief description: Children will make bubbles to explore counting, addition, and measurement.
Science- Interactive Inventions-Brief description: Children will work in teams to explore objects and their properties to determine how they interact to move objects through the air