TiVo Segmentation Exercise

Learning Goal: I’m working on a excel question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

A link to the TiVo case, Read the case carefully and complete exercises 3-9 at the end of the case. Ignore the prompt in Question 9, instead analyze the entire market research process outlined in the case, and comment on your segmentation schemes in the Excel file. Make sure to explain what your results mean to managers.

As you write your analysis, focus on what value TiVo provides to its customers and how you might best measure that. Think about the following: Does the study presented in the case do a good job of evaluating consumer attitudes? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the present approach? Would you have done anything differently in the market research project? If so, what would you have done and what would you expect to find? Why would you want to segment your market in the first place; what is the best way to do so? How do the different kinds of research you might do relate to each other? What was your rationale for choosing the segments you chose, and how do you think TiVo can approach those segments/customers?

You must turn in your answers and calculations for questions 3-9; you may use whatever analysis program you are comfortable with (python, r, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel are all acceptable). Your submission will be the completed Microsoft Excel file.

The analysis part will be assessed with #MarketAnalytics and your narratives with #CustomerCentricity.

Hint: If you are unfamiliar with wrangling data, pivot tables will be your friend. You may want to check out chapter 1 of “Marketing analytics: Data-driven techniques with Excel”