I aspire to follow a postgraduate program in Anatomical Education program which stems from my experiences – working in hospitals, and from Applied Medical Sciences School. I have been inspired by the opportunities in my home country. I was born and educated at Dammam, in Saudi Arabia, and I have graduated from the College of Applied Medical Sciences Department of Physical Therapy at………………., gaining a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy.

I began my graduate education with a strong commitment to maintain a high GPA. I worked extremely hard towards this goal which I proudly achieved, graduating with a perfect cumulative GPA of 4.0 out of 4.0. My GPA along with a good teaching experience, honors, and difficulty level of courses that I have taken reflects my level of diligence and perseverance.

As an intern from 2013 to 2014, I rotated in many hospitals to gain a wide range of experience, and to see a variety of cases – to improve my ability to deal with any types of cases as a physical therapist. During this period, I attended a number of courses, workshops, and conferences with a view of remaining up to date, and to improve my clinical knowledge skills. After competing my internships, I worked as a Physical Therapist in the Rehabilitation Department ……………………………………….. from October 2014 up until September 2016.

I began to develop a keen interest in the field of the Human Anatomy, when I started treating many physical therapy cases, from my daily encounters. Studying Human Anatomy has made me deeply understand the structure of the human body that helped me to treat a variety of cases as a physical therapist. I became aware that an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy influences the success of any treatment, and as time went by, my interest in this field increased.

To satisfy my interest, I started to review the Anatomy course that I had taken in my second year in university. I then moved on to more specialized concepts in this field.

In October 2016, I was accepted as a Teaching Assistant in Anatomy Department at…………………………… Furthermore, I was nominated for a scholarship to further my studies towards a Master's and Ph.D. degrees in the Human Anatomy field. The scholarship covers bench fees, tuition fees, monthly allowance, annual travel tickets, and medical insurance for me for four years to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

In May 2020, I earned a Master of Science in Human Anatomy (………………) from …………………….. During this time, I gained knowledge and experience in Human Gross Anatomy, Histology as well as Embryology. In addition, I gained valuable skills that are relevant in this field. At the time, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Human Anatomy and Physiology course mainly conducting practical sessions for undergraduate students. This particular experience served to introduce me to the fulfilling field of teaching and inspired me to pursue an educational role.

Soon after graduating, I started working as Lecturer for Human Anatomy and Physiology course as well as Biology course in the Basic Sciences Department at…………………………………………… Saudi Arabia. I teach undergraduate students how to develop their knowledge and improve their learning skills in the three aforementioned courses.

My long term goal is to be an exceptional instructor in teaching Human Anatomy and Biology courses to help the next generation of medical students in Saudi Arabia upgrade their skills. I believe that students who very well understand the major concepts in Biology as well as Anatomy and Physiology will be able to perform better any further advanced courses. Therefore, I would like to enhance my pedagogy concepts in the teaching of Human Anatomy and Biology, which would help me to obtain the required expertise and hence achieve my goals.

Moreover, I would like to develop the competence needed in research skills that would assist me to educate and guide students to find the most effective cure for patients and also attempt to tackle research related issues.

In addition, I aim to advance my hands-on experience in cadavers’ dissection to assist medical students intending on pursuing to be surgeons in the future careers.

Upon careful study of Human Anatomy program, I have found that the PhD program in Anatomy and Cell Biology at ………………………….. perfectly fits my requirements and the active research aligns with my interests and long-term goals. I have gone through the webpage for PhD in Anatomy and Biology ………………….and I am delighted that the curriculum covers most of what I have been looking for and that it is very rigorous and well-structured. I am also very impressed with regards to details of the high quality teaching & research courses mentioned, the accessibility to cutting-edge research equipments, and possibility of attaining hands-on experience through accessing the cadaver lab. It is clear that the program offers all that is required to acquire specialty training and teaching expertise needed to be a well-qualified academia and coursework to help me in obtaining advanced understanding of specific knowledge related to Basic Sciences courses.

Together with its eminent faculty, excellent research facilities, pleasant university ambience and balanced academic program. I believe that your university is the right place to take my Ph.D. Program and feel that this will go a long way in preparing me for a successful career in the field of Anatomy. I am confident that I will live up to the high academic standards of your university supported by your academic guidance. I believe that enrollment at your university will satisfy my thirst for the subject and provide an opportunity to scale the ladder of success. I am sure it will provide me the impetus to strive ceaselessly to attain my cherished goals. At a personal level, I can assure you that I have necessary commitment, intelligence, maturity and determination to achieve my goals.

I am committed to assisting people in need without expecting anything in return. I have an obligation to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired from graduate school to future students. I have consistently displayed the highest standards of personal character and conduct; and in exhibiting honesty, morality and professional ethics. I also deeply believe that it is obligatory to cherish and celebrate our diversity as human beings and to show respect at all times and under any circumstances regardless of background, gender, race, religion, origin or sexual orientation.