1. Research Task:
    • Select one of the following career paths in psychology:
      • Academic Psychologist (PhD)
      • Clinical Psychologist (PsyD)
      • Biopsychologist in a Pharmaceutical Company
      • Forensic Psychologist
      • School Psychologist
      • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
    • Conduct  thorough research on your chosen career path. Use credible sources such  as academic journals, official psychology association websites, or  educational institutions’ resources.
  2. Writing Task:
    • Write a detailed summary covering the following aspects of your chosen career:
      • Educational Requirements: Detail the specific degree(s) and any additional training or certification required.
      • Job Responsibilities: Describe the typical duties and responsibilities associated with the role.
      • Work Environment: Discuss where professionals in this field typically work (e.g., universities, hospitals, corporate settings).
      • Career Prospects: Explore potential growth opportunities or specializations within the field.
      • Personal Reflection: Reflect on how this career aligns with your interests and goals in psychology.