Unit 2 – Research Essay 1

Length: 4 double-spaced pages with 2 outside sources

Writing Prompt from ‘The Treadmill of Consumption’:

James Roberts assumes that the treadmill of consumption is irreversible and that we will inevitably “continue to embrace the shiny-objects ethos” (para 8). Write a 4 page research paper in which you agree or disagree with his claim. If you agree, what evidence can you locate to support his claim? If you disagree, what economic or social evidence can you locate to refute his claim?

Hint: To help develop your argument, you may use the Laurence Shame’s essay, “The More Factor”. THIS ESSAY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AN OUTSIDE RESEARCHED SOURCE.


Research Requirements: You must include (2) researched library sources: books, articles (newspaper and scholarly), online databases within the library system, research data within the library system ONLY.  They cannot be unsubstantiated internet websites, encyclopedias, classroom textbooks, pamphlets, bibles, or dictionaries. You may use the reading selections as support, but these WILL NOT be counted as research sources . 

MLA Documentation: You must use MLA documentation which consists of in-text citations and a works cited page. Incorrect usage or failure to use may result in a deduction of up to 5 points. Go to ‘Writing Tips’. Refer to Purdue OWL or the Richland College Library Web Site for the following:

· See In-Text Citations

· See Works Cited Pages

· See Research and Documenting Sources

Format Requirements:


3rd person only

Structural Correctness – Intro-Thesis-Well Developed Body-Conclusion

1 inch margins – top and bottom-right-left

12 point font size

New Times Roman typeface