· 1200 words MINIMUM (not including cover/reference pages or questions)

· Requirement is at least three scholarly articles, ONE maybe the course textbook BELOW


Gerhart, B. A., & Newman, J. M. (2020). Compensation (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education

UNIT3 Complete

1. Which competitive pay policy would you recommend to an employer? Why? Does it depend on circumstances faced by the employer? Which ones?

2. Companies focus heavily on cost-saving strategies to be competitive today. Identify both monetary and nonmonetary ways of cost saving that would be relevant to a compensation person's job.

3. As VP of HR at Pilsner Roofing, the eleventh largest roofing company in the world, you are experiencing turnover problems with the employees who actually install roofs (roofers) General Manager Roy Cranston has asked you to fix the problem. While your primary emphasis might be on having a competitive base pay, you need to decide if there is anything you can do in the incentive department. Before you can make these decisions, what information would you like about (a) pay (base + incentive) at major competitors, (b) the nature of the turnover, and (c) next year’s labor budget?