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CTC301 – Professional Success Seminar

Unit 5 Assignment: Drafted ATS Resumé and Cover Letter

Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, of Unit 5 Points: 20


In this activity, you will draft an ATS (applicant tracking system) resumé and a cover letter for the position of your choice. Be sure to gather information about the company and position to tailor your resumé appropriately. You can use one of the positions researched in Unit 2. *As part of your final project, you will submit the final versions of your job-specific cover letter and ATS resumé in Unit 8, along with your new and improved elevator pitch.


1. Share the following information for the position you will use in your final portfolio:

a. Name of the employer or organization b. Job title c. Primary duties and responsibilities d. Educational requirements e. Skills needed f. Values of the employer or organization

2. ATS Resumé Draft – Begin drafting your information and experience based on the

position. Include the following information:

a. Your current contact information b. Job objective/summary c. Educational history

d. Experience: Employment, volunteer experience, and extracurricular experience, if applicable e. Special skills: Occupation-specific and transferable skills that relate to the position f. Awards and achievements

3. Cover Letter Draft: Begin drafting your ideas and include a few key points for each

criterion below:

The format of your cover letter should involve three basic parts:

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1. The Introduction: The introductory paragraph states the position you are applying

for, how you heard about it, and why you are interested in the position. If

someone referred you for the position, mention their name. The goal is to hook

the employer and motivate them to want to review your resumé and invite you for

an interview!

2. The Body: Paragraphs 2–3 give actual examples of your success in areas that

support what the employer is looking for in the position. This is where you link

your skills and abilities with the job description.

3. The Closing: The final paragraph shows enthusiasm for working for the company.

Request an interview to further discuss the position and state that you will call

within a week to follow up. Thank the employer for their time and consideration.

The body of the cover letter is the most important part. To help you craft a strong

body, it is important to match your qualifications with those the employer is

looking for. To help you do this, you will need to study the job description in great

detail. Extract the main functions, tasks, and desired qualifications from the job

description and give examples from your past work experience to illustrate how

you are a good fit.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your paper will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

Evaluation Rubric for Drafted ATS Resumé and Cover Letter Assignment

CRITERIA 0 Points 10 Points

ATS Resume Draft Not submitted. Submitted.

Cover Letter Draft Not submitted. Submitted.