· PurposeThe purpose of this presentation is to train managers how to work in another country. You will discuss items such as how meetings might be different, how to greet others, best work and communication practices, etc.This is not about vacationing although you might touch on some elements such as transportation, etc. Most of your PP will be on the business and work aspects.**You do not need to talk about testing, restrictions, visas, packing, pets, shopping, housing, etc. We are going to pretend our world is a safe and wonderous place. This is an exercise in researching other work cultures. Develop a workplace training PowerPoint Training for a team of U.S. managers who are to be sent to work overseas. Select a country or area or sate or province of a country where these managers will be tasked to oversee a number of employees that are native to that country. Identify specific cultural dimensions of your country in relation to the U.S. and potential cultural barriers to communication in business and the workplace. Chose 3 from the following list or find ones that your team wants to discuss. Each one will be 1 to 2 slides.

· Nonverbal communication in the workplace.

· Humorous topics appropriate in the workplace.

· Meeting management.

· Time management in this culture.

· Professional attire.

· Greetings.

· Lunch and meals.

· Bowing vs handshake.

· Gift giving.

· Hairstyles.

· Addressing and voicing concerns in this culture.

· Communication style.

· Work ethic.

· Eye contact.

· Giving instructions.

· Team management.

· Any other items you find in your research.

· You are not sending someone on vacation. Concentrate on work related steps to take and cultural norms in the workplace. Provide some specific guidelines for the U.S. managers who are in a diverse environment that will help them to communicate, interact, and lead effectively. This training should include some hands-on activities or concrete examples from which the trainees will be able to learn. Speakers notes and voiceover – Most of the content comes in the speech portion you will need to have speaker's notes and it is recommended to have a voiceover but is not required. If you do a voiceover, you still need substantial speaker's notes with in-text citing. Oral source citationsSFCC. (May, 2021). Verbal Citations in Speeches. Examples can be inspiring but you cannot copy them. The directions these students followed may have been different than what is in this class. Follow the directions posted in here. You will need to download the file to see the speaking notes.

· Training managers china 315 PP with voiceover.pptx

· Details –

· PP will be at least 7 slides (not including the reference slide) and will have an introduction, body and conclusion.

· All references will listed on the reference slide, in speakers notes and or spoken.

· You will include at least 3 credible references.

· Your slides will be nicely formatted with easy to read font, color and images.

· It is good to use the same formatting for the entire PowerPoint (PP).

· Your need at least 5 images and or graphics that are appropriate for the PP.

· Have an introduction to your PP. One person could do the intro… "In this Presentation, we are going to discuss how to work in Germany. We will discuss the work ethic, communication style and meetings." This is just an example, yours will be better.

· In the body of the PP you will discuss all the points from the intro.

· You will conclude by wrapping up the PP and your points.

· Please include speaker's notes along with your voiceover.A voiceover is not required, however, it is recommended to learn how to do it as a team. If you do a voiceover, you must speak the resources. **Speaker's notes are required even if you are doing a voiceover. Format your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.******By submitting your full PowerPoint (no links) you are agreeing that this is your team's original, final version that is ready for grading. Resources




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