Topic: Discuss the nature of the gods and how they treat humans in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Your essay is due in class; it must be typed and single-spaced. It must not be any longerthan one page (minimum 400 words).

Please do not add a title page or bibliography. Put your name in the upper right-handcorner and in the upper left-hand corner the title of your essay.

You don’t need to use outside books nor consult the internet.

Organizing Criteria (to be exhibited in your essay):You must have a thesis sentence at the beginning of the essay.Think of the three, four, or five paragraph essay format, with an introductory thesis paragraph,supporting paragraphs, and a brief concluding paragraph. (Remember: In an essay you arearguing a point, trying to prove a point, or elucidating a point. Your thesis statement states what thepoint is.)Make sure your sentences make sense. Clumsy phrases and incorrectly used words will cost youpoints.Keep to the same verb tense.