Visual Merchandising Floor Plan Report

Report and floor plan for a given designer


Write a report, explaining your reasons for merchandise placement and design.

Reflect upon the concept for your floor plan, how it relates to the group work and your ownprofessional development within this process.

Evaluate how you translate your group window scheme (picture attached below) onto the shop floor and how you would retain aconsumer.

Explain how you have created a retail experience.
Format: (1000 words plus appendices – A4 double spaced, double sided, 12 point Arial)Print out a hard copy.
Floor Plan

Based on your research, consider how you would interpret the group window scheme design onto theshop-floor. Explore a range of experimental approaches to your design considering the productplacement, interior display and target consumer.

Use digital or hand techniques to create a floor plan (The picture of in-store floor plan sketch also attached below) Please write the report according to the content attached in the doc below: