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 300 words minimum

Read ch. 29 in Making of the West and watch the video on globalization ( ). Next watch the video of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Link below; note, the video was prepared by Democrats for President Trump’s second impeachment.) Then answer the questions at bottom.

Jan. 6 ()


(1) Do you think the video fairly portrays the events of January 6? Why or why not?

(2) “Democratic institutions,” “free-and-fair elections,” “the rule of law” — these things are often cited as great achievements of Western Civilization (of which the United States is a part). Do the actions of Mr. Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6 represent an attack on Western political values or an attempt to uphold them?

(3) Do you think the trend of “globalization” described in the film had anything to do with the rage felt by some of the people who stormed the Capitol?

(4) Given what you’ve read about the Italian Fascists, German Nazis, and other 20th-century right-wing, authoritarian, nationalist regimes, how would you respond to a 110-year-old European who claims she/he feels a sense of deja vu?