12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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W3: Types of Unemployment


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Week 3 Discussion Post 3

What are the three types of unemployment? Unemployment is seen by some asundesirable. Are all three types of unemployment undesirable? Could the adventof the Internet completely eliminate frictional unemployment? Are all three typesof unemployment undesirable? Explain.

Your initial discussion posts must be submitted by midnight, Day 3 and then yourresponses to 2 of your classmates’ posts by have to be submitted by midnight,Day 7.

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Week 3 PerezRuben Perez posted Dec 19, 2022 4:48 PM Subscribe

Hello class,

12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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The three types of unemployment are frictional, structural, and cyclical unemployment. Structuralunemployment is the type of unemployment that is caused when the demand for different skillsdrops and leaves workers to lose jobs and find a different trade. Cyclical unemployment isunemployment that is caused in a period of time when there is a decline in the business cycle.This happens in a recession where demand drops slowing the growth of businesses and workersget laid off. Now frictional unemployment is unemployment that is caused by one who does nothave a job but is moving jobs, searching for a job, joining the workforce, or retiring. This type ofunemployment is a good type of unemployment as it can mean growth in different firms and theeconomy. For example, there is an employee that has been looking for a job with better benefitsand finds a firm that can offer him/her a better deal than what they have now. The employee mayquit their job as they are transitioning to their new job.The internet has affected unemployment in many ways by creating new industries and even mighthave made other industries a lot smaller. When specifically speaking about frictionalunemployment some might think that the internet can get rid of frictional unemployment as awhole. The internet has just made the process of finding a job a lot faster. Still, there is atransitional period that can leave someone unemployed for some time. The internet has not gotrid of frictional unemployment but has lowered the time it takes to be employed again.

Thank you,Ruben Perez


Week 3: Types of unemploymentJustin Shon posted Dec 19, 2022 2:23 PM Subscribe

There are three main types of unemployment: frictional, structural, and cyclical. Frictional

unemployment occurs when people voluntarily seeks better jobs or college graduates

looking for their first jobs. It is usually temporary unemployment due to matching process

of employers and employees. Frictional unemployment is inevitable because people will

always look for better jobs with better wages, benefits and job outlooks. It is a good

indicator of stable economy. People will find suitable jobs to optimize their abilities, and

employers will have better selection of qualified candidates for jobs. Structural

unemployment is caused by mismatch between required job skills and workers'

qualification. Changes in economy, technology advancement and geographical immobilities

can contribute to structural unemployment. Displaced workers due to lack of required

skills can be unemployed for long-term causing increase in overall unemployment rates. It

12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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is challenging to correct structural unemployment because it requires large population in

labor force to be retrained. Job seekers might be discouraged and settle for a less

satisfying jobs. Cyclical unemployment is a type of unemployment that occurs due to

economic upturns and downturns. During recessionary periods, demands for goods and

services decline resulting in less available jobs for those who actively seek employment.

This is considered the worst type of unemployment. Lack of aggregate demand can create

long-term unemployment even for highly skilled workers. Out of the three unemployment

types, only frictional unemployment can be seen as desirable.

The advent of the internet cannot completely eliminate frictional unemployment. Internet

can help reduce time spent to search for jobs during frictional unemployment. Frictional

unemployment cannot be eliminated completely since it is a voluntary. Also, even with

easy access to possible job openings via internet, changing jobs or obtaining first jobs will

take some time because people need to prepare resume, apply for jobs, go through

interviews and negotiating.


Week 3Pryde Black posted Dec 16, 2022 7:38 PM Subscribe

This week we learned that there are multiple types of unemployment. Prior to this week I

thought that regardless of the reason why unemployed is unemployed. Three forms of

unemployment are: Cyclical, Structural, and Frictional. Cyclical unemployment is when the

demands of goods and sells fall drastically, this causes a number of businesses to lay

people off unfortunately. Structural unemployment is when the need of workers is

replaced with technology, like self checkout lines or ordering through a mobile app.

Frictional unemployment is when people leave a job in search of something different or

when graduating students are looking for a job in their career fields. Although

unemployment is seen as undesirable to some people to me I do not think unemployment

should be seen as undesirable automatically due to many different reasons. We all have

12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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Last post 13 hours ago by Bessy


different walks of life and different pathways. As my mother would say "different strokes

for different folks".

I personally do not think that internet progression will result in the elimination of frictional

unemployment. Frictional unemployment is needed. You learn so much from this one

specific time in your life. During this time you learn not to leave a job (if you can help it)

unless you have something else in the wood works. You also learn to save your money for

rainy days such a frictional unemployment.


WK3 DBBernard Vinson posted Dec 18, 2022 8:50 PM




Last post 13 hours ago by Bessy



Hello Class,

There are three types of unemployment: Cyclical, Structural, and Frictional. Yes,

unemployment is seen as undesirable. However, people look at the umbrella of the word

rather than the three different types to understand why people are unemployed.

I think the internet can eliminate frictional unemployment because it offers different kinds

of income verse the normal "9 to 5." For example, people are quitting their "normal jobs" to

become social media influencers and are making twice as much as they were before.

Additionally, I believe structural unemployment will cripple employment because of the

implementation of technology in stores, such as self-checkout lines, and cashier-free stores

like Amazon fresh market. Being unemployed is not something an individual wants;

sometimes, you cannot help it, and sometimes it is needed before a new career is born.


12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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W3: DiscussionBessy Guevara posted Dec 19, 2022 8:54 AM





Hello Dr. Wu and classmates, In this week's lesson, we learn the three types of unemployment and whetherthese types of unemployment are all undesirable.The three types of unemployment are structural, cyclical, and frictional.Structural unemployment occurs when workers' skills do not match the skillsrequired for available jobs. Cyclical Unemployment occurs during periods oflow demand for goods and services in business, leading to low labor demand.Frictional unemployment occurs when people in the labor force are searchingfor new jobs or waiting to take jobs in the future. Not all types ofunemployment are undesirable; Frictional unemployment means people arelooking for a better opportunity with better pay or benefits. Structuralunemployment is not necessarily bad; this means new technologies are beingcreated, and the people who lost their jobs due to the recent improvementscan be trained and put back in the workforce.Structural and frictional combined are known as natural unemployment. Thistype of unemployment will always exist in a healthy and growing economy; a5% rate of natural unemployment is considered good since you can neverhave a 0% rate of unemployment. I do not think the advent of the internetcan completely eliminate frictional unemployment. There will always be peopletransferring jobs, and there is always a time difference between thosetransfers, especially if there are federal jobs that can take months from thetime they offer you the job until your actual start date.


W3: Types of UnemploymentMarcus Pegques posted Dec 19, 2022 12:01 AM Subscribe

Hello Everyone,

12/19/22, 5:04 PM W3: Types of Unemployment – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022

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The three types of unemployment are frictional, structural, and cyclical. Unemployment

can be viewed by some as undesirable because full employment represents healthy

economic activity. This means everyone between 16 to 67 actively seeking employment

was employed but otherwise excluding those not in the labor force. Not all forms of

unemployment are considered undesirable because the United States Board of Labor

Statistics and economists consider frictional and structural unemployment to be natural.

Frictional and structural unemployment are welcomed as they are considered efficiency in

the labor market. When frictional unemployment occurs, someone has been fired or left

their job in search of a better one, so this action is encouraged as it aligns talents and skills

in the labor force. Now structural unemployment happens when jobs or labor skills become

obsolete, and economists view it as a good thing because it shows advancements in the

labor force. Cyclical unemployment is the type described as undesirable because it is a

direct result of an economic slow-down or “recession.” I do not think the Internet would

eliminate frictional unemployment. I believe that the opposite effect would happen,

because of all the advancements in internet. There are numerous applications that enable

the ability to work remotely, telework, and so on. In fact, the internet just accelerated

frictional unemployment due to its countless capabilities in today's labor market. The

advent of the internet has connected the world in ways that have giving individuals in the

labor greater control on where and how they choose to work.