Choose any ONE topic for your main response from the 2 options below.


What ethical and/or practical issues are associated with the following parenting topics: genetic testing, interaction between cognitive and and social/emotional development, use of technology to look inside brain development, media use in children? Select two topics to discuss and provide your viewpoints, but remember to substantiate your views with supportive evidence.

You may use the weekly resources or any properly cited external resource to support your response. 


For parents of young children, choosing the childcare options such as daycare and preschool that best serves their children is an important decision that impacts their children's healthy start to an education The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a helpful set of tips and tools that can help when choosing the right preschool program. Read this article from the AAP and share the key takeaways from the article, including good indicators of high quality and resources that can help in choosing a high quality program.