Watch the film, Modern Times by Charles Chaplin

As you watch it, note scenes that reflect concepts or observations about modern, industrial society made by Marx/Engels, Durkheim/Gans, and Weber/Ritzer.


Imagine that, following a showing of Chaplins Modern Times, Marx, Engels, Durkheim, Gans, Weber, and Ritzer discuss the film. For each pair of scholarsMarx/Engels, Durkheim/Gans, and Weber/Ritzeridentify two major observations they would make about industrial society as it is depicted in the film. Use the course materials in Unit 1 to inform your work and cite those sources. Do not use any non-course materials. Identify specific scenes in the film that illustrate specific concepts or observations presented by the scholars. Be clear and specific about what those concepts/observations are and how the film illustrates them. You may present your answers in bullet points or paragraphs.

FYI: Need at least three sentences per paragraph in an academic essay. Be sure to write in essay format (at least one paragraph for the intro that includes a thesis statement [a sentence or two that tells the reader what topics you are discussing], a body that contains at least one paragraph per topic, and at least one paragraph for a closing/summary). I strongly suggest running a spell/grammar check program before submitting.